Peer Review Process

Before Reviewing an Article, Please Take a Look at the Following Notes:

  • Articles that are reviewed according to your field expertise. The reviewer can notify the editor and recommend a reviewer for this case;
  • The review process must be completed within two weeks. If the reviewers agree and require a more extended period, notify the editor as soon as possible or suggest an alternative reviewer;

Pre-Review Process

  • Editor of Theologia in Loco will check the submitted manuscript in terms of grammar, writing procedures, and conformity with the Focus and Scope of Theologia in Loco;
  • Editor of Theologia in Loco will examine whether the author's manuscript includes the Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Methods, Discussion, Conclusion sections;
  • Editor of Theologia in Loco will examine whether the references of the manuscript contain primary references and use more than 70% bibliographies of journals article;
  • Editor of Theologia in Loco will check for the plagiarism of the manuscript;

Peer Review Process

  • Articles submitted to Theologia in Loco will be reviewed by at least two blind reviewers appropriately qualified experts in the field selected by the Editor-in-Chief;
  • The Editor in Chief or a designated member of the Editorial Board may decide to accept, reject, or request revisions based on the reviews and comments received of the reviewers;
  • Editors will decide whether each submission reports well-conducted research with conclusions supported by the data presented in the manuscript.