About the Journal

About Theologia in Loco 

Theologia in Loco is a term firstly coined by Prof. Dr. Theodor Müller-Krüger, the first principal of Jakarta Theological Seminary. Since the beginning, Prof. Muller-Kruger wanted to emphasize the need for developing a theologia in loco (local theology) in Indonesia, especially through this seminary.

Since its beginning, Jakarta Theological Seminary had felt it necessary to take a key role in developing theological thought that will enable the church to respond to the continually changing situations in the Indonesian context. Within this direction, Jakarta Theological Seminary will keep developing theologia in loco, that is, doing theology in the Indonesian context. This Indonesian context can be understood in multi-layers, which are, Indonesia as a national context, Indonesia as a place of many different churches, theological point of views, ethnicities, and even religions.

In terms of developing theology contextually, Jakarta Theological Seminary developed this online journal with the same name, which is, Theologia in Loco, as its academic channel in developing theology in the Indonesian context.

This online theological journal is open for everyone who wants to share her/his theological ideas in terms of developing local theology. The editorial board publishes this journal twice a year, in April and October. The prospective authors should use the online facilities on this website to send articles. The editorial board provides double-blind peer reviewers to evaluate each article sent whether it will be published or not.

Focus and Scope of Theologia in Loco
1. Local Theology 
2. Constructive Theology
3. Biblical Theology: Old Testament and New Testament
4. Christian Education
5. Pastoral Theology
6. Liturgy
7. Philosophy
8. History of Christianity
9. And related fields

Journal Information
1. Journal Title: Theologia in Loco
2. Frequency of Issue: Twice A Year, in April and October
3. DOI: 10.55935/thilo
4. Online ISSN: 2621-4911
5. Print ISSN: 2621-4903
6. Editor In Chief: Septemmy E. Lakawa
7. Publisher: Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat Theologi Jakarta